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The Opportunity

Romania and Canada

We strongly believe that there are significant, complimentary business opportunities that can be developed.

While not top of mind, there are many commonalities between Romania* and Western Canada – especially the prominence of oil and gas as a primary economic driver.

Canada and Romania have benefited from hydrocarbon extraction industries, and both are learning to cope with their likely longer-term industry decline and the need to transition the industry to a green energy economy.

For both countries, oil and gas professionals who have leading expertise (e.g. Geologists, geophysicists) in oil and gas can, with some re-focussing, contribute much to green technologies such as geothermal and the search for critical minerals of the new economy.

Canada and Romania have a long history of cordial relationships and both countries have unique access to wider markets, i.e. Europe and North America.

*After Russia, Romania is one of the most significant European and gas producers.